Antti Savolainen

Helsinki, Finland

I was born in 1975 in Helsinki, Finland - still living there. I have an infantry officer background, but I left the army after seven years of service. I have worked as a security consultant for Novosys (now part of CGI) and Sulava Ltd. Now CISO of MFA Finland. I finished BBA (Security management) studies in June 2015.

I like both nature and animals (mosquitoes not included), I support wild life saving and animal protection. I am a great fan of scandinavian art noveau style - jugend.

I play games. My active rpg-systems are Pathfinder, Stalker and Praedor. Computer games, Civ5 and Steel Panthers to be mentioned.

Graphical novels by Brian Wood. DMZ and Northlander made their way to my collection.

  • Work
    • Chief Information Security Officer, MFA Finland