Adeline Thaler-Milenthal


Welcome to me!

I am currently a graduate student at Texas State University pursuing my master's in Secondary Education. I am a certified high school English teacher in Texas and hope to become certified in Colorado soon.

I run everyday but Sunday all over Williamson County. I find that running is the best way to keep my mind and body healthy and happy.

I eat predominantly vegetarian but will not call myself one because if I can get my hands on a good, organic, free-range, chicken breast it is game on! However, this doesn't happen that often so 95% of my meals are vegetarian. I have recently given up white flour breads and pastas as well, but just ended up giving up all bread and pasta for a while.

Bottom line about me is that I believe you should take care of yourself physically and mentally.

In my blog, I am working on the theme of the American Dream. I am fascinated by the idea as it existed in the past, as it is thought of today, and what it will become in the future. I have dedicated my entire blog (minus a few running tidbits) to the pursuit of this ideal.

  • Work
    • Graduate Student
  • Education
    • Undergraduate: University of Colorado
    • Graduate: Texas State University