Patrick Rander

Brisbane, Australia

What's up!

My name is Patrick, but pretty much everyone calls me Pat. I was born in NSW and raised on the bay-side of South East Queensland for the latter part of my childhood. I have had an interest in music as early as I knew how to hold things in my hand, both my parents have exactly the same interests as me and it runs in my family. I listen to every kind of genre and don't shy away from others, I am open to anything. I want to try and expand my knowledge of other cultures and be more accepting of other cultures than I am already, so I can learn more and implement them into my playing. I am a Piano player of 13 years and I write / play as many different styles as I can but I mainly stick to Jazz and Classical. I do however want to expand my knowledge of the composition of certain genres through playing with other musicians.

I have a serious fascination for causing trouble and making others laugh, I enjoy long walks on the beach, etc, etc...

I am currently a full time university student studying a Bachelors in Audio Production. I wish to become a live sound and studio engineer, because I feel that I want to have my thumb in many different pies before I am comfortable with a certain profession. I am currently improving myself as a musician through music theory and playing with other musicians, I believe this will help me with networking with other people and help me along the way to my goal of becoming an Audio Engineer, I am itching to see what the near future has to hold for this Audio Engineer in training.

  • Education
    • Bacholers of Audio at SAE Institute
    • Cleveland District State High School