AAA Engine


Serving customers throughout the United States, AAAEngine offers a full range of quality remanufactured car engines, spanning diverse makes and models. AAAEngine emphasizes efficient turnaround, with the company transacting solely with automotive shops focused on the retail and wholesale market. AAAEngine guarantees a competitive price and give its customers a variety of extras, included with installation such as timing belt, spark plugs, water pump, oil, oil filter, and coolant. In addition, California-based AAAEngine can undertake engine installation for clients in California and neighboring states. All installed engines come with an unlimited-mileage, two year warranty. Installations typically take between five to 8 business days depending on the type of vehicle.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, AAAEngine’s veteran team strives to rebuild engines beyond those listed on its website at AAAEngine simply asks that customers provide detailed information pertaining to model and engine manufacturer prior to seeking an estimate. AAAEngine offers customers needing 10 or more rebuilt engines per month a 10 percent discount on its full range of services.