AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc.

Georgia Adoption Agency in Alpharetta, Georgia

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An Atlanta and state-wide agency with more than 100 years of combined experience, AAA Partners in Adoption Inc. guides adoptive parents through the entire adoption process, from the application and home visit to the placement. Required for every adoption, a home visit provides the agency with the history and overview of each family, helping determine the stability of the home environment. Because AAA Partners in Adoption Inc. is one of the few Georgia agencies that both provides home studies and makes placements, the organization is adept at streamlining the process and providing referrals to aid in the pre-and post-adoption process.

In addition to serving adoptive parents, AAA supports birth mothers in exploring their options. From choosing the adoptive parents to receiving medical care and financial support throughout their pregnancies, birth mothers can rely on the agency to alleviate some of the stress associated with an unplanned pregnancy. Additionally, a birth mother has ultimate control over what the adoption looks like and can create an arrangement that allows her to visit and receive photos of her child.
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