Abigail Abdella

Student in Arcadia, California

I am a student currently living in Arcadia, California. My interests range from travel to shopping. I am also interested in basketball, volunteering, and photography.

I have been playing basketball since I was eight years old. I was on my middle school basketball team for three years, in which I was captain of my team for two years. In high school I was on the basketball team for two years and I was the captain of my team during my second year.

A couple of organizations that I am apart of are Key Club, Methodist Hospital, and Link Crew. During my time in Key Club I have had the opportunity to participate in multiple volunteer events such as food drives, walks to help a cause, or just helping out in the community. Being exposed to this environment has allowed me to really decide what I'm passionate about and what I love to do. Key Club has also given me a chance to be an officer and plan all the wonderful events that our members participate in every year. My role as an officer is Events Coordinator, which means that I look for events that our members will not only enjoy but also learn valuable life lessons while helping out in their community and surrounding communities. My time at Methodist Hospital has been enjoyable as well. I have been volunteering at the Nursery School for a little over a year now. Working with the kids at the school has been a wonderful experience because it has allowed me to be more hands on with children under the age of 5. During my three hour shift I assist the teachers with waking the kids up after nap time, setting up snack and playing with the kids outside during free time. When outside there are different activities that the kids want me to participate in such as: reading to them, helping them with their letters and numbers, coloring, and simply just running around. Both these organizations have given me multiple opportunities to get hands on experience with children between the ages of one to eight years old. Along with my experience with young children Link Crew, a leadership group that I am apart of at my high school, has allowed me to gain experience with kids around the age of 12 to 17. I joined Link Crew my junior year and our main goal is to give incoming freshmen a smooth, comfortable transition from middle school to high school. We organize freshman orientation which allows them to get to know new people and become aware of where everything is at their new school. And this is why I chose to be a doctor.