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alberto abella

Desidedatum in Madrid, Spain

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Doctor by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Author of MELODA, metric about reusability of data and researcher on open data modelling and its ecosystems of organisations [publications].

Senior manager at Desidedatum, he has worked for different companies including Brain trust, Novell and Cap Gemini group (Sogeti). He also worked for the public foundation CENATIC.

More Professional info

He published from 2002 to 2006 the I, II y III White paper on Open source in Spain.

Appointed by COTEC as expert on Open data.

He is lecturer of open/big data and its business models in for INAP, EOI, URJC, AMETIC, etc.
Founder, board member and ex-president of Spanish chapter OK Spain, and founder of Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data, ODI node in Barcelona and ex-member of the private-public group of Ministry Industry for PSI reuse. Former coordinator of the Smart citie

  • Work
    • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • Education
    • Telecommunications engineer, PhD economics (doing)