Annette Berlin

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I have many interests that involve any kind of creative expressive outlet. I enjoy photography, painting, ceramic art, dancing, music, and writing. My passion is the visual arts-language of the soul. I have always enjoyed art making, I would say I'm an artist. I like to paint abstracts and play with clay forming new ideas in my head into a decorative or functional art piece to add to any home or office. I'm a professional graphic designer who has moved into a socially conscious spirit based career. I have a MA with emphasis in Art Therapy where I have studied and experienced the depth and breadth of the art process. I have used the simple art process and imagery to bridge the multi-dimensional being that I am into one point in time in the pysical such as a painting. The painting becomes the story into the shadow and light of my being where I hold the two together bringing wholeness at the heart of my existence. I'm getting ready to launch a new business, where I utilize expression of the soul to awaken the soul's history, story, and gifts that are dormant in the shadows of the unknown. I'm passionate about bridging the light and dark of the heart of humanity so we can awaken to our divine inheritance and true potential. Expressive arts combines my love for the visual arts with passion for creating humanitarian socially conscious efforts of re-purposing lives and tapping into people's potential.