Aabha Padgaonkar

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I am an independent girl who loves to keep her loved ones close. I am ambitious and wish to make my parenst proud. I am a cat lover, hard core non vegetarian, movie & foreign TV shows fanatic, and I simply love to eat (well that shows very clearly on my physique). I get attached to people very easily and trust them even if sometimes they are not worthy of it. I tend to cry at sentimental scenes in movies at times. But most of all, I love to keep my mind doing some or the other thing. And if I am not doing that, sleeping is the next best thing I love to do. Mumbai is my birthplace and my home, and I wish to live my life and make the most of it only and only in Mumbai.

  • Work
    • India's Got Talent Season 6
  • Education
    • Master of Arts in Communication & Journalism (Electronic Journalism)
    • Bachelor of Mass Media (Advertising)