Aabhas Sharma

San Francisco, California, United States

Aabhas Sharma

San Francisco, California, United States

I figured this will be the easiest way to compact all my URLs and about mes in to one place, so here goes.

Who I am - Indian born software engineer living in San Francisco, CA. I hail from New Delhi India and am 24 years old (as of writing this).

What I do to earn a living - I work for a tiny startup as a senior software Engineer. The company is OLSET inc (www.olset.com). Like all-set but with an O (I think allset was taken). I currently handle the infrastructure as well as the Natural Language Processing parts of our product. My role includes automating our infrastructure, making it more robust and utilizing and developing NLP for smarter travel bookings (can't go in to the details here, trade secret ;) )

What I do in my free time - I'm a "long-time" mentor at Hackbright academy - a software academy for women engineers. We teach women engineers how to code. I also dribble in coding as a hobby and you can follow my home automation project at aabhassharma.blogspot.com. Apart from that, I love working out, motorcycles (mines a bright yellow beast), bicycles and food.

What else I want to do - I've done more than the average Joe already. I've backpacked through Europe, skydived in NorCal, done community projects in Mississippi, scuba dived off the coasts of Thailand, taught in grad school, worked for multi nationals and startups, and now I'm open to more suggestions :)

Now here come the links:

LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/aabhassharma/

Blogspot - http://aabhassharma.blogspot.com/

Angel.co - https://angel.co/aabhas-sharma

Github - https://github.com/aabhassharma

  • Work
    • Senior Software Engineer
  • Education
    • Purdue University