Aabhay Choudhary

Digital Evangelist and Content marketer in Mumbai, India

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Hey, I’m Aabhay. Someone said you were looking for me. 😀

Anyways, I live in Navi Mumbai, a sister city of Mumbai.

Always curious to learn how online media influences buying, I started my career in marketing. Throughout my journey, I gained meaningful experience working around with different marketing strategies and platforms. My core competencies lies in managing projects for Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Content Marketing, Buyers Analysis, Market segmentation based on psychographic analysis and Online advertising through Google Search, Display network and Facebook advertising.

Being born in the digital age, I allocate 20% of my energy to emerging technologies like Voice AI, IoT, AR/VR and Blockchain.

I'm on constant lookout for challenging Jobs and project which demands high creativity and performance.

besides all this, I love to travel and hang out with new people.