Having always had a love for natural fabrics and a high standard of tailoring my quest to find an abaya, hijab and jilbab that fits this category was near impossible. Aab was formed to fill this gap in the market, to create Abayas from natural fabrics with elegant designs for all occasions. Working with the four key elements; Cotton, Linen, Silk and Wool along with modesty in mind, Aab has produced garments from the softest of fabrics with the finest detail. You will without doubt find something that simply suits your style. Pallets of pastel to classic Black , from everyday wear to those auspicious occasions, find yourself with Aab. The fabrics used in our products are very much alive and feel beautiful to wear. With flow and ease being the key ingredients, Aab abayas feel natural allowing your body to breath and for you to feel at ease. Simple understated style.