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Complex Litigation, Appeals & Negotiation by Angel A. Castro, III, Esq. and his team, a law firm serving all of New York State with offices in Syracuse and Manhattan, providing individuals, business entities and law firms with solutions to complex legal questions and matters.Complex Litigation: Castro CLAN is focused on matters involving complex litigation. In most complex litigation, a single judge hears the case from beginning to end. Cases fall into the complex litigation category when they involve multiple parties, large amounts of money, lengthy trials or complicated legal issues. You can rely on our firm for legal advice and representation on matters in the New York and Federal Courts for complex business, family, and criminal matters. Appeals: When the court misapprehends the law or facts, abuses its discretion, is misled to an improper decision, or there are any other grounds for Appeal, Castro CLAN is here to provide Appellate Litigation Support. With our own in-house appellate printing and paralegal services team, your appeal will be perfected at a reasonable cost. We are very familiar with the issues and argument styles/approaches needed to overturn bad decisions. Negotiation: When one of your primary practice areas involves appellate litigation, you end up gaining experience when conducting in depth reviews of so many cases. Above that, Castro CLAN has extensive intelligence and a comprehensive knowledge base on commercial litigation issues and our firm analyzes cases through not only legal research, but analyzing every aspect of a matter from the judge and opposing counsel to the current and any possible third parties.