Alyssa Adkins

Stillwater, OKLAHOMA

Hi, my name is Alyssa Adkins. I am closer to thirty than twenty nowadays. Woohoo! I am a momma to a three year old that is already half my height (she is my little angel) and I am a wife to the most wonderful husband, which I’m very blessed and thank God everyday for my family.

Currently, we are nestled in Stillwater, Oklahoma and loving life here. My husband and I both attended college here at Oklahoma State University. I graduated and thought I would pursue a fancy job inside some enormously huge fancy building…but, I think my creativity has gotten the best of me. I really enjoy out-of-the-box projects and many expressions of art. Some of which I have specialized or focused on lately, but still learning about and growing with have been photography, graphic design, custom design and handmade lettering, re-purposing or re-arranging small spaces, interior design, wedding decorations and bouquets, hand-drawn wedding invitations, etc. or basically collecting junk or thrifty goods, hoping one day I can use my imagination to transform junk into a masterpiece ha! My husband may say that I am a hoarder in my secret life…but, at least I am somewhat organized!

Most of all, mixed within and set above all of these passions, is my passion to serve my living God. I have truly found my savior, Jesus Christ, within the last two years and I know He has placed within my heart all of these desires and skills to accomplish more than what I can imagine. With that being said, I hope that my walk with Christ reflects in my work as much as every other part of my life. I refuse to compartmentalize God into a box that I only open on Sundays. Which by the way, being in an intimate relationship with my creator is probably the most exciting and inspiring decision I have ever made. So, I hope that as I grow, my followers and supporters of my work-in-progress business will be encouraged and get a taste of who God has designed them to be. I just plan on posting past projects and updating this blog with new ones to come. Thank you so much for your interests and I appreciate any comments or questions!

Be Blessed!


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    • International Business and Management