Ansha Amodini


For the most part i am a serious person who is having a hard time doing my life like all other people does hating my work and resenting most of my choice that i made, on the other hand I am Deliriously sleepy all the time and probably (if ever given a choice to make) chose the live in a dreamworld than the real one. A few surviving thing that keep me alive is Eating Chocolate and Milk Tea.

Now i am just a gal that enjoy a simple and content life..

Although my life might be boring (to say the least) my head are skipping with wild imaginative happiness due to probably my lack of physical stimulation because i am often sick. So wondrously I am the creator of where i try to be as productive as i could be with my day dreaming, which is my daily activity. In fact i could not sleep without even imagining a story in my head.

That's it.. Enjoy...

  • Work
    • Ghostwriter
  • Education
    • University of Indonesia