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Project Manager in Ashland, Massachusetts

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Aahana’s is a startup food company with a vision to make healthy eating a norm. As a Nutritionist, I have always been very conscious about the meals been served to my family. As a mother of three children, I understand the challenges parents face in providing a healthy meal which also must live up to a child’s taste standards.

My mother being an excellent cook and very health conscious, always cooked wholesome meals for us. She always tweaked the family recipes slightly to make it healthier. I have continued with the heritage of preserving traditional family recipes, and tweaking the inherited recipes further with my knowledge as a Nutritionist.

So far, we have two lines of products, Chutneys and Khichdi. Both these lines of products are created from my family recipes and enhanced by adding nutrient dense superfoods and reducing the sodium in them. All our products are freeze dried. Freeze drying is one of the most sensitive ways of preserving food while retaining its original nutritive value, color, and flavor.

With our Aahana’s line of products, I want to give you access to easy-to-use, preservative-free, nutrient-rich, healthy and tasty food. I want your family to enjoy these flavors as much as my own family has. And as our name, Aahana’s, suggests, I wish you all a lot of “inner happiness” in your path to a healthier lifestyle and improved wellbeing.