AAIM Ratnaningrum


1. Full Name?

Anak Agung Istri Mas Ratnaningrum. Call me Aim,Ratna or Anna for short

2. Born?

Yogyakarta,October 21st 1998

3. From?

Dad comes from Bali,Mum comes from Yogyakarta. I am blood-mixed. Now I live in Yogyakarta,Java,Indonesia,South East Asia

4. Hobbies?

Write anything,reading all type of books,listening to all genres of musics,browsing all the time,watching all genres of movies,sleep anywhere,eat anything,travelling every side

5. Describe yourself?

I see anything in both sides positive and negative. I am two-sided person. I am an extrovert maybe. Sarcastic is my favourite language. A kind of easily touched. I appreciate people. I am a peaceful person. I don't like if people say that I am famous. I am not beautiful physically or have a beautiful heart,soul,mind. Your first impression to me may be a negative one haha.

6. Celeb crush?

My first celeb crush is Taylor Swift (who inspired me to be a better person) and then Justin Bieber (I was crying the day he held a concert in Jakarta. I was a kid) And I started to love some k-pops. First thing I saw One Direction,my heart whisper about Harry Styles "That's the one" . I listen to Shawn Mendes tho. Cameron Dallas. Maroon5. Coldplay. Arctic Monkeys. Ed Sheeran.

7. Future and life goals?

Still wondering tho. I have a lot of future plans. Take a scholarship to Oxford Univ,take my Mum to London. Leaving. Meet Harry Styles. Own something huge. Buy my family gifts with my own money. Travel this world. Meet Taylor Swift. And I am seeking for a freedom. I have a lot of them right?

8. Something you would like to change?

The world. I would like to change war into peace. Save the children. And fix the environment.

9. What do you think about yourself?

I don't know. I don't know what makes some people like to stay here with me. Maybe it's because I am funny. I never think that I am beautiful in any kind of way. I always think others are better than me. Otherwise,I still love to be myself. And I don't care what people think of me. The most important thing is I am happy with this and so greatful.

10. Last. Who do you love the most?

God. Family (including bestie,celeb crush,and crush). Friends. Lovely people. And all of ya.

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