Aainaa Amir.

Sebelah Planet Marikh

Hey over there! Puccohensap! Puccohensap! Ummi Aainaa here yawn. Seventeen and Imma SPM candidate. Woooo! Sounds so terrible. Awww! What's going on dude?!

I'm science-stream plus account student. Killer. But I'm okay. An accountant-to-be. InsyaAllah. Wish me luck guys. :)

Shut up if you don't know who's the hell are Ummi Aainaa. Lewls. I'm kinda friendly and happygolucky. But my attitude depends on your attitude too. Wooooo!

I'm not bad but I'm just dangerously awful. Don't take yourself so seriously, no one else does.

Gonna hate me? Like I really care my pretty well known b***h. Talk to my hand.

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