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AAJKINAARI.COM is a platform that connects with womanhood and provides information pertaining to females. The role of Aaj ki Naari has been constantly changing from a house-maker to a working professional and then a nation maker now. During this not so smooth journey, they come across various challenges and difficulties such as social boundation, family pressure, career growth, parenting, relationship, and the list goes on. With all these limitations, Aaj Ki Naari has proved herself a queen and a game changer.

Besides a few famous names, there are many silent achievers who have to empower womanhood in daily lives. The woman of today wants to lead her life on her own terms while benefiting her relations simultaneously. When you feel good, blessed and free, you give your best to the world and nurture it with love and care.

So let’s celebrate the womanhood at AAJKINAARI.COM and talk about their – style and beauty, health & fitness, parenting, relationship, love-life, cooking and concerns related to them.