Aakaash Harid


Hello Friends, this is Aakaash Harid, currently a Electronics and communication Engineering final year student from indore . Besides, i love to code in C/C++.I Want to enhance my career in IT Sector.

As it is said that, sky has no limit and i think the same proverb works with me too. i don't like to be bounded by someone. I am down to earth sort of person but my dreams are endless. I damn hate the fake people in my life.I am quite ambivert by nature, sometimes quite possessive , sometimes becomes a bit uneasy to curb.

Professionally , i am dedicated and honest towards my tasks and personally, i love to spend times with my loved ones <3 <3

I believe in making all my dreams true either by hook or by crook !!!!.My Philosphy towards my life -" Don't let anyone steal yoyr Dreams, its your Dream not theirs, So make them yours "

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