Aakash Adesara

Cupertino, CA

Hello World!

My name is Aakash Adesara. I am currently a sophomore at Cupertino High. I have a passion for coding, graphic designing, photography, the visual arts, various forms of martial arts, and blogging. AspireThenInspire, one of my latest blogs, is a compilation of the accomplishments of many individuals who have changed our world for the better. I have won several awards for several pieces of art and I am the PR officer for a programming club at my school, Tinovation. In addition, I have attended several hackathons and programming events.

I live by one motto:

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take but, by the moments which take your breath away."

  • Work
    • Sunnyvale Martial Arts Academy
  • Education
    • Cupertino High School
    • Milpitas Toastmasters Group