Aakash Moncy

Hey people! It's amazing to know the wonders that the planet has in store for us. We are indeed lucky to be born in this wonderful place, we call Earth (incase if there is more life present in this galaxy or beyond!)

I am an innovator. A person who likes to think, basically on everything! From small gadgets to the biggest of machines. It's not because I like to innovate, It's because I want to innovate. Machines wowed me from the day I interacted with a small gadget, a mobile phone! I often think how did a person actually conceptualized the entire technology! Communicating through air (ofcourse keeping the technicalities aside). Now I know why people say, in this crazy world nothing is impossible!

I am a Mechanical Engineer, graduated from Mumbai University. In my second year I started working on an idea for space based solar power. It got selected as one of the top 10 green tech idea in Mumbai. The best part! It was selected as one of the 36 best ideas on the planet during an international competition.

I was leading a team of 35 members for a national level design competition where we needed to design and analyse a formula styled race car. My liking for automobile does not end over here! I was a part of a 25 membered team which designed and fabricated an off-roading vehicle again for a national level competition.

My research project for my final year thesis was on studying the aircraft performance when a thrust vectoring nozzle is used.