Aakash Padhiyar

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Web Developer in Gandhinagar, Gujarat , India

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Are you currently working on your shiny new startup? I work with entrepreneurs, building prototypes for their startup ideas, testing assumptions, helping them acquire technical skills and guiding them through the process of lean product creation.


- Web application prototypes (Python/Django/Flask) in order to pitch your idea

- Build/Scale Django web applications (Postgres, Redis, Celery, AWS, S3)

- APIs (Django Rest Framework)

- Data Analytics applications, extract meaning from data (pandas)

- Machine Learning Pipelines: Supervised/Unsupervised/DeepLearning (scikit-learn)

- Natural Language Processing, Chatbots (spaCy, NLTK, gensim)


I'm a core Web Developer/Data Science with 4+ years of professional IT experience. I have experience in server side framework like Python, Django/Django REST, Flask, etc. I’ve helped clients build/scale their startups in various industries: legal tech, finance, retail, market research, cybersecurity, analytics, gaming, online publishing.


- Information Technology Diploma

- 100+ Python Development

- 40+ Web Development and Data Science

- 10+ Flutter Development

- 5+ React.js Development


Q: What are your favorite technologies/libraries?

A: I really enjoy working with the Django web framework. Other libraries I love are spaCy, pandas, scikit-learn, etc.

Q: What times are you available?

A: I currently live on GMT timezone. Depending on the type of the work, I try to have as many overlapping hours.

Q: What is your book about?

A: NLP-FOR-HACKERS teaches Natural Language Processing to already experienced developers by building practical projects with real-world data using clean/error-free Python3 code.



  • Education
    • Gandhinagar, Gujrat India | Government Polytechni
    • Reactjs Developer
    • Web Developer/Data Science
    • Python Expert