Aakash Rajpoot

Gurgaon, Haryana

I m a guy who knowzzzz how 2 enjoy d lyf.... Hey dats d coolst BOY..!!. ...hmmm. ..cmon jus knw me more.. ..wellll i hv d wow effect n dats y mah frns call mee d rckstr.. i luv mah frnz n i cn do nythng 4 dem.... ..i luv dancing n singing along with mah frnz...i wnt d whole 2 knw tat i beleive in givin damn 2 d wrld...!! ..i luv 2 do masti wid mah frndz nd cousins..1 f d prsn whom i lyk d mst..she / he ROX!! .. ..lst bt nt d least m proud f mah frnz..,mah attitude n ofcourse mah gr8 bro...!!! ~~~~ LIVE LYF , KING SYZ!!!! Well, m a boy who jus luvz 2 b in d rockin' cmpny f darn kewl frnz...... . i believe in leadin' a gracious livin'...n venerate true onez.. ..bt d rst shudnt dare 2 mess as i kinda bolstr deir ego b4 i grind it beneath mah shoe..... ....... . i guess i dnt need 2 say frthr as mah frnz noe me n d onez who'l b mah frnz in futr wil demselvez gt 2 noe...... ....... . ...Do i need 2 say nythng now??!! ♥ WE BOYS ♥ - Take a walk in the house with a toothbrush.. - Read the text on the shampoo bottle in the shower.. - Laugh at our jokes when we didn't tell it to the others yet.. - We can read something 10 times without understanding it.. - Push the door when it clearly says: "PULL" !! - We ask "WHAT ?" when we clearly didn't understand everything.. - Hate it when the wind messes our hair up while on the motorbike.. - Look in the fridge 10 times without eating anything.. - Have to call our own phones to find it.. - Turning our pillow around so we sleep on the cold side.. - Set the alarm earlier in the morning so we can stay in bed for longer.. - When we stay up late we count how many hours of sleep we will get.. Smiling While Reading This (^_^) These random things makes me Happy !! Being A Boy Is The Best Thing ♥...

  • Work
    • HacXad | PC Care Experts
  • Education
    • Dayawati Modi Academy Ist
    • St. Peter's School, Akbarpur
    • Dayawati Modi Academy 1, Modipuram, Meerut
    • Swami Vivekanand Subharti University,Meerut