Aakash T.Ajith

Student and Doctor in India

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Medical student (MBBS), India,Kerala

Am i a throwback to an early generation or a modern day incarnation? probably a little of both.Get to know me, however , and you’ll discover silly might be a better description.If i’m alone and find myself lonely, i may sing “Where Is The One?” Good motivational song would be “Come Blow Your Horn” or “Pick Yourself Up”. And love song?Far too many!i love waking up early on weekend morning, going for a hike, jumping in the ocean to cool off, then coming home and cleaning up for a night with friends . Sometimes i feel quite intelligent, otherwise i have to sing the “A,B,C’s” in my head to remember which letter comes next…!!!As long as i’m surrounded by good folks, i always find a way to have fun….While i live online and have fabulous virtual network there is nothing quite like the connections we can build.