Aakeem Coleman


I'm a Kaplan Career Tech graduate i studied in various fields of technology such as computer support, networking, Linux O.S. system administration,Windows platforms and also networking and network security. I'm currently studying the python scripting language and project management.

I have excellent problem solving skills and i like to say that II'm an expert at critical thinking. I'm not afraid of a challenge and I'm always prepared and willing to go the extra mile to complete assignments or projects. I'm a team player who can step up and be a leader.

I enjoy studying and reading about the latest technology trends on web sites such Tech Republic and Petri IT knowledge Base just to name a couple. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others learn about computer technology.

Thank you for taking sometime to learn about me.

  • Work
    • Computer Technology
  • Education
    • Kaplan Tech, Computer Support Specialist
    • System Administration
    • Networking