Aakanksha Singh

Facilitator and Host in India

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Aakanksha considers her soul work is to bring the magic of the ordinary into our daily lives. Her journey is of en-hearting the fragments of love that bind us and to weave new stories of interbeing in our sacred world.

She was born in a Jat family and grew up in the desert lands of Gujarat among many faiths. Her disturbed heart took her to work with children, families in the slums of NCR. Born with a deep sense of justice she embraced choices of living her life with awareness and harmony towards all living being.

She can be found on the floor dipping herself in slow enriching movements with her body on her yoga mat, sensing and feeling the layers beneath her skin in forever changing ways through the Iyengar style of Yoga.

Her foundational work as a facilitator emenates from the profound richness of Systemic Constellation by Bert Hellinger. She deeply connects with the 4-fold practice of Art of Hosting and practices co-creative Leadership through meaningful conversation and actions in our lives using the flowgame.

She stepped into a new rhythm in her life by embodying the innate wisdom of her menstruation cycle and the life cycle of a woman's life. Now she walks with her hips open, her breasts breathing the fullness of life and her inner strength of being a woman through her journey with Shesandstall project. She envisions for all her sisters to step in and embrace their own inner wisdom and live in this world with grit and grace. Her journey culminated into becoming a Women Circle facilitator from shestandstall and now she offers women circles and personal sessions.


- Personal Sessions in Family Constellations.

- Group Workshops in Family Constellations

- Flowgame for individuals, teams, families. flowgame.net

- Women Circles

- Personal sessions for women


Certified Facilitator in the Theory and Practice of Family/Systemic Constellations by Spanda and Ochre.

Certified Flow Host of the flowgame

Certified Shakti Women Circle Facilitator by shestandstall