Aakrit Prasad

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Employment: Principal Product Head @ AppDynamics

Education: (M.S.) Computer Science, (B.S.E.) Materials Science and Engineering. Minors: Business, Life Sciences

6+ years Engineering work experience in 5 different positions. Have a diverse yet strong set of technical skills. Always working to improve my professional work experience and career achievements. Find me on LinkedIn for a more complete background (link below).

Daily programmer, computer science enthusiast, and University of Chicago CS graduate. I am proficient in Java, C++11, C, SQLServer, unix OS, various algorithms & data structures, RubyOnRails, Android (mobile) as well as experiened using python, C#, and Objective C.

In my free time I'm always learning something new to further my CS skills. My interest recently have ranged from Cuda for nvidia GPU programming to functional languages like Haskell and F# to web scripting with node, angular, and jade to data mining using Thrift & Apache Hadoop with Pig,Hive,HBase and reading up on NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Moreover, I am very passionate about machine learning algorithms, and I am very interested in opensource projects such as MemcacheD (hashing to speed database queries on web servers) as well as Varnish (HTTP proxies for response acceleration). I occasionally also make time to play with Arduinos.

Some of my work is on github (below) or bitbucket.org/asteroidxvi.

I can be reached at: aakrit@uchicago.edu.

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