Ann Marie Alanes

Social Media Manager, Operations Manager, and Singer-Songwriter in San Mateo, California

Ann Marie Alanes

Social Media Manager, Operations Manager, and Singer-Songwriter in San Mateo, California

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Ask me about Inbound Marketing, Jewelry Making, Entertainment, Event Coordination, People Training and Dog Behavior.

I'm currently the Operations Manager at Concept Designs, a company that creates custom retail displays for brands like Wilson Sporting Goods , GoPro, Salomon and SmartWool. I wear many hats (shipping logistics, accounting, human resources, office management) but Inbound Marketing is recently what fills my plate. I love to get eyes on our designs!

In my spare time I manage my online jewelry shop, Pretty Miss Ninja, and make beaded jewelry pieces inspired by pop culture. Fashion is my ultimate passion. I love vibrant colors and I get a kick out of gathering old and new pieces to create different looks.

I've worked onstage and off , performing and writing (alt pop, alt swing and alt rock) as Malaya Mai, as a Promoter for Excalibur Dance Club and as a Booking Assistant for Coast II Coast in the Entertainment Industry.

I enjoy coordinating events and training people. As Site Relations Manager for Virtual World Entertainment I trained staff across the US on operating custom gaming software and I hosted and organized on-site gaming competitions.

I have a passion for designing marketing materials and creating content, of which I've done for A Lucky Dog, Virtual World Entertainment and the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago. I am currently working on content for Concept Designs' blog and social mediums.

Animal behavior fascinates me and I am fluent in Dog. I have a keen sense for what dogs are thinking and use that to my advantage when I engage a dog and a dog owner in learning to communicate with each other. I will always love Tank, my regal and handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback-Bull Mastiff who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. A beautiful white cat named Moto found me almost a year later. I've trained him to sit, catch, touch and jump. He's trained himself to open doors, cupboards, ovens and drawers. He's bursting with energy and a challenge to photograph, but he's such an expressive model.

I love capturing on camera, nature's sky shows, my animals' antics and cool things I spot during my travels. You can find my collection on Instagram under malayamai.

Aside from my pets, family and friends - kindness to others, the environment, health and animals are very important to me.

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    • Concept Designs
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    • Loyola University Chicago