Ali AlHamadi

Ar Riyad

Graphic design and illustration is my main passion and occupation. In my childhood, I used to draw on walls. Later, being a teenager, I became a graffiti artist who was noticed by teachers in school and this inspired me a lot in my professional live. At age 16, I got into computers; I started manipulating a few photos by using Adobe Photoshop and then creating my first artwork. In fact, it turned to be my real passion. I am very active person and I love to get involved and work with open minded people.
“Cross the limits ... to get innovative ideas”. My design process is based on TAI (THINK, ACT, INVENT). These steps motivate me to think of a great idea and acting on this idea by making it real which invents various ways of presenting successful achievements.
I received a bachelor degree in arts education from college of education in King Saud University (KSU). I also worked part time as a junior graphic designer in Greenish Communication Group.

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