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Aaliya Manji

Hey, I'm Aaliya. I love sports, especially tennis, collecting minature elephants and having a good laugh. Not to mention Doctor Who.

I've been playing tennis since I was 4 and love the game and my club and the people in it. I also teach little kids, mostly 4-6, to play tennis. They suck, but I do my bit.

I have an unconditional love for books and poetry which, admittedly, is a little out of character for me. Nonetheless, you would probably find me scribbling a poem on a chocolate wrapper in a tree somewhere.

My favourite word in the world is 'serendipity' and my second favourite is 'zemblanity'. I love taking serendipitous photographs of the world around me, and never go anywhere without my camera and a pen. I like to capture. And eat food I have never tried before.

I like to dream. My biggest dream at the moment is to go to Alaska. And, if I ever have a daughter, name her Alaska.