Volunteer in Indore, India

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Things I Keep telling Myself:

“I cannot control everything that happens to me; I can only control the way I respond to what happens. In my response is my power.”

“I have to accept whatever comes my way, and the only important thing is that I meet it with the best I have to give.”

“I will never be as good as everyone tells me when I win, and I will never be as bad as I think when I lose.”

“I will think less about managing my problems and more about managing my mindset. I will keep it positive.”

“I will get back up. Again, and again. The faster I recover from setbacks, the faster I’ll get where I’m going in life.”

“I will not try to hide from my fears, because I know they are not there to scare me. They are there to let me know that something is worth it.”

“The future can be different than the present, and I have the power to make it so, right now.”

“Happiness will come to me when it comes from me.”

“I will focus on making myself better, not on thinking that I am better.”

“I will eat like I love myself. Move like I love myself. Speak like I love myself. Live like I love myself.