Alfie Lontoc

Raleigh, NC

I am a Filipino-American that grew up most of my life in the small town of aka Wide Awake Wilson, NC. I currently live in the beautiful city of Raleigh, NC with my wife, Carole, who I love and adore. I know it's weird, but yes I am Filipino with a "Country Accent" and it gets worse when I'm around my fellow Wilson friends. I am a sports fanatic and love to play them as well, especially basketball and golf. I went to college at NC State--WOLFPACK 4LIFE!-- and graduated with a Bachelor in Science in Computer Science. Although I have a degree in Computer Science, my true passion for over a decade, my BREAD and BUTTER, is in the Service Industry. I love meeting and talking to new people every single day and giving them excellent Customer Service. I guess you can say I am a "People Person" who likes to TALK and LISTEN where you come from and hear the life experiences you have encountered. I am currently working as an Account Manager for Payscape Advisors, a financial technology company that helps businesses accepts all forms of payments, streamline operations, and most importantly increase cash flow. Part-time I still work a couple of nights in the Service Industry as a bartender. As of lately, my passion has shifted a bit, as I am also working on other business ventures to improve my skill sets in marketing. MY LIFE LONG GOAL is to TEACH, COACH, MOTIVATE, and INSPIRE others to do better things in their lives because everyone has the potential to do so. "If I am not making someone else's life better than I am wasting my time. My life becomes better by making other people's lives better!"

  • Work
    • Payscape Advisors
  • Education
    • Bachelor's in Computer Science & Mindful Marketing Academy