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People with diabetes are likely to haveother undiagnosed health problems, such as a serious sleep apneacondition. This condition causes you to stop breathing while yousleep. It may pay off to get checked for sleep apnea if you feelexcessively exhausted during the daylight hours.

If you have diabetes, you shouldinclude some carbs in your diet. Avoid very low-carb diets, as theydeprive your body of much needed nutrients like fiber, minerals andvitamins. Adding more carbs to your diet is a good source of energy.

If you are a newly diagnosed diabetic,the number of medications that you are prescribed can seemoverwhelming and confusing. Rather than simply stopping or improperlydosing any of your medications, ask to speak with your healthcareprovider or pharmacist for more in-depth knowledge about when and howyou should take your meds, as well as what side effects you mayexperience.