Aalto in Africa

A student-driven innovation project, taking students, alumni and staff of Aalto University to a distant continent to build bridges between Aalto and local communities through multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Destination in southern Africa, we will begin our journey in fall 2013. The participant application will open in spring.

Following the footsteps of Aalto on Tracks (2010) and Aalto on Waves (2011)

Interested in organizing? We are currently looking for active, experienced people to join fundraising team and a PR responsible to take care of promotional communication and media relations. If you are interested in other areas, please contact Chief Organizer Asta Länsimies or one of the team leads.

Fundraising - Asta Länsimies asta.lansimies@aaltoinafrica.com

Practicalities - Iida Myllymäki iida.myllymaki@aaltoinafrica.com

Program - Mari Terrio mari.terrio@aaltoinafrica.com or Anna Vavilova anna.vavilova@aaltoinafrica.com

Communications - Vesa Luusua vesa.luusua@aaltoinafrica.com

The team: organizers@aaltoinafrica.com