Aamena Javed

Dallas, Tx

Hi, so I'm Aamena. My name is correctly pronounced "aaw-men-aw" but most commonly pronounced "uh-men-aw" or "uh-meena" I don't know why I felt the need to share that, but whatever. Ayways so I'm muslim, yup, if my background hadn't made it obvious enough already. Hey, if you're still reading this that's pretty cool, *virtual fist bump* wow.. im 4 years old. Um, no not really I'm actually 15. I was born in New Jersey, I lived there for 2 years, then my family moved to Kansas for a year, California for 2 years and to Canada where I lived for the past 10 years. Just last year, actually literally 365 days ago (June 23rd, 2012) , we moved to Texas. Yeah it was a huge change and to be honest it felt like the worst thing ever. Anyways so I've been Chillin' here for a year now, and yeah. I'm currently in grade 11, or im a junior and I've switched three high schools so far. Currently, or as soon as summer vacation is over (which I hope is never) I'll be going to Allen High School. Oh, I live in Dallas btw. Yeah ok, so I really suck at this whole "explain yourself" crap, so i'll just be straight up. I'm a very wierd person, I'm a huge geek, I'm extremely sarcastic, I'm pretty nice I mean I really hate being rude to people, I listen to all kinds of music but mostly alternative rock/indie bands, and rap, let's see what else I realize this seems like a run-on sentance or a list or whatever but wow I should stop. Anyways i'm just really confused about my life and i'm addicted to tumblr and doctor who and the walking dead and supernatural and sherlock and twitter and lotr and star wars and star trek and tbh there are just way too many things im obsessed with so i'm gonna stop now. LOL if anyone's still reading this, they should go to heaven. k thx bye.

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