ary amigo

disc jockey in Bali, Indonesia

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Ary Amigo was born on 21th November 1995. He likes music because it is an inspiration for everyone, with music we can be anything. Feel so free and share our feeling together. He started to make some remix, and played in some clubs, private parties and events. His first appearances was in a bar called legend bar and some clubs in bali, also became the Finalist HIN DJ HUNT 2016 in Mall Bali Galeria. Every kind of music He has been mixing are Dutch house, Progresive House, Latin, Electro, RNB, Techno, Trance, etc. He hopes in the future he can go around the world, try to make some better experiences in life. He will discover all kind of music and make people happy with his music.

Appariances :

- Guest DJ Midnight Launching Party in Boshe Club ( Bali ) 2015

- Guest DJ Pool Party in Kartika Hotel ( Bali ) 2015

- Guest DJ Ladies Party in Bali Kuta Resort Hotel ( Bali ) 2015

- Guest DJ Collegio Fiesta in Boshe Club ( Bali ) 2016

- Guest DJ Bazzar Booms in Renon Resto ( Bali ) 2016

- Guest DJ Fenzi Girl in Boshe Club ( Bali ) 2016

- Guest DJ in Blue Sapphire ( Bali ) 2016