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Student, Teacher, and Writer in South Africa Port Elizabeth

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Im what you would call a lazy loser with potential. Apparently im one of those don't mess with me kinda girls, But oh well? I honestly wouldn't know. Currently on my journey known as life, I categorize myself as a searcher. To break it down im searching, Searching for a soothe balm that's specifically subscribed for the soul. My heart yarns for peace. you know that saying that goes "Make peace with your inner demons"? I guess its something similar to that. But to know the reasons behind my wall, you'll have to follow me as it goes.

ie: The journey of my life.

To be honest, Im curious about myself. Who I truly am, Aren't you too? Imagine what it would be like if we lived in a world with humans and not people, A free world. One where you could walk the streets clothed in modesty and not being judged for it, However now a days, Apparently its all about being who you are. Because following the trend of the west and conforming to the dictates of society is actually considered a good thing...And apparently, that's who you are. Dare step out of line and break the trend, you are shunned upon. The latest talk.

If you haven't noticed. I like deep conversation's, From political views all the way to romantic antics.

I don't know who I am though. Will you join me along my journey as it unfolds? Maybe we could even be friends, But for now...

Its been a pleasure to make your acquaintance.


Note: My errors are countless aside from my grammar lol. #MakeExcuses also, please checkout my blog Dawnoftrueface.wordpress.com

feedback would be amazing! thanksss!

Aamina Khan

ok, so now that you read alllllll of the above, I think its time I let you in on a secret. Im 14 years old and I seriously don't know what this website is about. but ok, hope you enjoyed my bio! also, you're welcome to check my instagram page out @Aamina_khan24


What In heavens name..

Fast forward to 2019. What on earth?! Why was I so brave omg ( perhaps I've digressed, yikes!)

Okay so I'm back and this time I'm 18. Not much has changed.. Let's see.. Aha! my Instagram account is @queeninblack_ and this time my blog is alive. Not stagnant. Lol. Okay. I'll go. Byeeee..... Check it out........ Thank you....... Dawnoftrueface.wordpress.com


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