Amo Aamir Musharraf

Central New Jersey

What is the biggest disability?

Would it be the inability to focus; the incapacity to love; the ineptitude to learn; the involition to unlearn; the inefficacy to pursue big dreams; or the lack of courage to face the temporary defeats on the way to success...What do you think?

Those blessed with the challenge of blindness or deafness -- and who make the choice to succeed anyway -- are forced to aquire the superhuman gifts of patience, perseverance, focus, emotional intelligence, compassion, and enthusiasm. Such individuals develop a strength of faith, a calmness of heart, and a mental attiitude so positive that it strikes all of life's curveballs out of the park. These are the inidivduals who count their blessings and are grateful to God for this dance with life.

They pursue success and happiness through service to others. They find meaning by striving to uphold the rights of others. They invest the time to learn, to love, to laugh. They appreciate the abundance and beauty around them and enjoy the company of good friends.

Would you like to meet such people? Where does one find such people? Come meet the incredible members of the New Jersey Lightning blind baseball team. Come root for them as they represent New Jersey in the Beep Baseball World Series this summer. Come, and you may just discover the superhuman inside you.