Aamir Mushtaq

what can one say about his self? I can only make a feeble attempt at presenting before others some traits that i have been endowed with... so here goes... umm well I am a simple guy with a great... thats an understatement.... gigantic liking for books. novels magazines you name it. i want to be an author. i love epic fantasies and the sort. I am quite touchy on world issues and I am into social awareness... In essence i am as unorthodox as one can be. essentially i am not socially inclined...(Dat doesn't mean i am an antisocial element LOL). I believe that friends are the most important and cherished asset one has in his life... I can sacrifice a lot for my friends... one thing i hate in people is uncalled for attitude and a snobbish character... its sumthing i can never tolerate irrespective of whom its pointed at...i may be thought of as that kinda person who believes in morality at its core. I am intolerant of wannabees. I am an idealist.. I tend to believe in the best of everyone... and I expect the best in everyone and that truly makes me sometimes come across as demanding. that is a negative trait. I tend to apologize often even though it is uncalled for and even if it is me who has to be apologized to. I can never be angry at someone for long. a person can literally stab me in the back and yet i will probably end up invariably on good terms with that person... On a lesser serious note(as the above reads like a personality quiz result LOL) i find humour in the most mundane of things... I have a particular brand of humour that varies between sarcastic and Nerdy... persons in my life can relate to what i am going on about. i think i have said quite a lot which is uncharacteristic of me. well i think i have said enough about me. now.... a person should not bore others by harping on about himself so i will wrap up the "about me" part. hope you enjoyed reading about my interests.