aamir syed

san francisco, calif.

An ideation and management enthusiast, giving brands life and presence in the consumer electronics, gaming, mobile and tech space. With an extensive portfolio of clients, Aamir has communicated engaging stories for brands like Telenav, Pantech,deviantART, Frosmo, BLITZ and Zeemote.

The best part of his communication & storytelling skill set? He listens. And he listens well. He remembers. And he will never forget.

The best part of his presentation skills? His shoes. All of them. The Nikes, boots, loafers, wingtips, Tom's, Nikes, Jordans, oh and his Nikes.

The best part of his social media skills? His chocolate consumption and the adventures he takes to get them. In result, his followers are thoroughly engulfed in his story from start to finish, and amazed at his dessert craving craft, yet still able to do hand stands for 60 seconds.

He's meticulously passionate and passionately meticulous. Aamir's eye for design and clever retorts make him somewhat decent.

Also, he bleeds purple and gold. And likes cookies.