I have worked in the finance industry for a while now, and like many people have yearned for an apportunity to escape the long hours and social buzzkill, and so have worked on several of my own projects as and when my schedule has allowed. In December 2011, I decided that enough was enough and quit my (somewhat) lucrative job as a VP at an Invstment Bank to work full time on my own endeavors.

My first project, a social network application was acquired by Google in Jan 2012. Google have never been fans of competition and as it was a project I wasn't that into, I figured selling it was my best option. Especially as it gave me room and the financial freedom to work on my 'baby' project full time.

I have been working on a social networking application and as of 4/5 started beta testing with a group of 20 or so developers. For obvious reasons I can't disclose too much, but I am super excited to finally get this off the ground and start beta testing on a large scale!

I am also working on another project with Wharton Busuiness School which should, fingers crossed, be rolled out around September '12.

I set up this page because answering the same questions regarding my start-ups gets a little tiresome. There's a lot more to learn about me aside from my career aspirations!

For those of you who are interested, I've 'linked' my LinkedIn page for a more in depth view of my Investment Banking work.

Hopefully that answers any questions you may have with regards to this!