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Aamozish means learning.

This website helps you learn Urdu language. We begin by teaching you alphabets, the very basic component of learning a language. Subsequently, we take you to learn ….., ….., …., and ….. You will find yourself moving with us step by step as you graduate from one stage to another and finally say that you are now well equipped to read and speak Urdu.

The website is well researched and designed. It uses tools and techniques of language learning, and is executed with great technical proficiency to make it user friendly. By using animations, videos, pronunciation audios, detailed visual cues and direct comparisons, it aims at sensitising you to Urdu language known for its nuances, appeal, and outreach.

Rekhta Foundation is the world’s largest website on Urdu language, literature, and culture with a following of over 43 lakh lovers of this language across 224 countries. It aspires to bring the beauty of Urdu language through this website especially developed for the learners of this language.