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Is a Certified Yoga Teacher and the Owner of Yoga India. He brings to his classes a wealth of yoga styles and movement therapies.He was drawn to Yoga after experiencing the alleviation of his sufferings from chronic asthma. He continues to practice Yoga and has benefited from good health ever since. His first teacher was Mr. Kumara in Shantivana Trust, a Yoga and Naturopathy center close to his home.

To spread the benefits of Yoga to masses he decided to become a professional teacher. In this pursuit he has undergone training under legendary B.K.S Iyengar, Pune one of the most inspiring and revolutionary teachers in 21st Century; which has helped him gain deep insight into the Iyengar brand of Yoga. Today he is a certified teacher with qualifications from the Indian Yoga Institute, Vivekananda Kendra, Bangalore (A – Grade), International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Trivandrum (Grade – Excellent) and was awarded Yoga Siromani and Yoga Acharya titles on completetion of his training.

Bharath is the winner Himalaya Yoga Olympiad (Indian National Yoga championship) in the years 1998, Haridwar and 2001, Bangalore.

After having learnt and practiced Yoga for a long time under various gurus, he founded the ‘Creative Yoga Center’ in 1998 at Bangalore and this marked a new beginning in his teaching career. He not only taught daily yoga classes in his studio but also was contracted to major MNC’s in Bangalore like ANZ Information Technology, Oracle etc. to offer regular classes to their employees in their own premises.

In 2005 he relocated to Mysore and rechristened his school as ‘Yoga India’ and continued imparting regular Yoga lessons. He also focuses on special classes for women, children and ailing people on a needs basis. Since 2005 he has been conducting teacher training courses which are internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance USA. To date, he has successfully trained over 330 certified teachers from all over the world.

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