Aanand Kothari - Maheshwari

Writer, Photographer, and Student in Indore

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Born 4 September

Few think About me : Always Be a Learner.. Listener.. Observer.. Dreamer.. *)

Love : languages, writing, speaking, Expression, Freedom,Natural Places..... Trying to capture in Photographythat i think with my Imagination's .... Travelling , Music, Technology, #Google, magic of 140 word's it's mean #twitter.

Hate: Artificial thinks.... Lie & Lier's.

always tying to find Inspirational Thinks in every Situation.

Dedicated : Relationship, Society& Culture.

Existing: Unknown places, Interacting with Unknown People,Unknown Experience, Adventure and something more Unknown think's. i am on the way to know myself in Journey of The Life.

Dream :World Tour an capture everything in my Heart with camera.it's not all about me but something...

- Mind it


I Strong believe in Karma, and believed below Quota's >

Know your worth, stand your ground and NEVER settle

for less than you DESERVE••••!!

Don’t see others doing Better than you.. Beat Your Own Records Every Day... Because Success is a Fight between U & UR-SELF.

I Don't Want IDENTITY by any kind of Certificate...

I want my identity By My Own Guts,My Skill,My Personality& also

My Ability.....”

- Andy*)

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