A. Aaron

FOUNDER PRESIDENT in Bengaluru, India

A. Aaron

FOUNDER PRESIDENT in Bengaluru, India

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Greetings to you and to your ministry in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am a born-again Christian and the founder-president of BELIEVERS BRIDGE FOUNDATION TRUST. I founded this trust, along with my born-again believer friends in 2009. This is a wholly self-financed trust and is registered in the state of Karnataka, South India. We, at the BELIEVERS BRIDGE FOUNDATION TRUST believe in a singularly focused vision - Community Development and Church Planting.

So far we have constructed 18 autonomous and independent churches specifically catering to indigenous and backward communities, in extremely interior, almost inaccessible parts of villages stretching many areas within South India. Excellent services have been provided in the fields of health and hygiene whilst simultaneously conducting Medical and Dental camps and check-ups within these interior villages.

Since we are a self-financed Trust, there are many restrictions and regulations that make procuring of the required funds needed difficult to obtain. We are therefore looking for partners willing to be a part of and/or associate with our church planting ministry.

As a trust, we have worked relentlessly to extend the Kingdom of God to as many souls as possible. We have worked simply and tirelessly and have not left any stone untouched where giving our best is concerned. Since our Trust has shown considerable and consistent growth these past years, we are now in the early stages of constructing a website that would best showcase in real time, the progress of our vision and the marvelous deeds the Lord has blessed the Trust with.

The Trust has always aimed and delivered at making original and significant contributions not only for the Kingdom of God but to His people as well. I, therefore, look forward to your reply and also to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you and your ministry.

Thanking you in the Lord's Grace,


President B.B.F

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