Alberta Angela

Kediri - Surabaya, Indonesia

Alberta Angela, as known as Alaya. Born as phlegmatic- melancholy, an extreme thinker, moody, and unpredictable.

I believe in God's timing, miracles, the illimitable dreams, and the power of passions. Trust me, without passion life is boring. #FightTillTheEnd. Idealist but realistic enough to know that life is never easy for those who dream. Soon, I'll be an entrepreneur, psychologist, writer, illustrator, photographer, and traveler. But, the most important whatever I'll be, I'll be amazing :)

I'm a normal outside-random inside. I love to spend my time keep silence and observe people's personality. If you found me as a quiet person, it means you just know my name :p

Simple things that never fail to make me smile : the smell after rain • night random talk • firework • stars • blue-orange-purple sky • city light.

  • Work
    • Collegian
  • Education
    • Saint Marry Catholic Elementary School '08
    • Junior High School 1 Kediri '11
    • Senior High School 1 Kediri '13
    • Agrotechnology - Jember University '13
    • Management - Airlangga University '14