Aang Jalaludin

Student, Web Developer, and Project Manager in Serang, Indonesia

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I was A software developer, to wrestle with the World Coding, Talking With eye lens was developed to be a general information,

start the Bachelor program (S-1) In the Year 2012 Up At this time, since 2012 I spent most of my evening time students, to learn more about how difficult the world of computers and technology.

I was part of the family of the student Cibaliung (KUMAUNG), Information Technology Student Association (HIMATIF), Student Movement Kopo (GMK), I help them to mengadan several workshops, helping farmers who looted their rights and their land, help the downtrodden economy and life ,

in my spare time, I write articles and take pictures.

was born, grew up, and spent most of my life in Serang, Banten, Indonesia.

do not hesitate to contact me, under no account number oouuhh wrong I mean my social media :)

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    • Serang Raya University