Arifiye Anadolu Öğretmen Lisesi ailesinin resmi hesabıdır.

Mezunlarımızın birbirlerine destek olmaları ve de eğlenceli vakit geçirmeleri hedeflenmektedir.

Siyasi çıkarların ve de küçük group menfaatlerinin ötesindedir.


This is the official website for the fellow AAOL grads.

We aim to encourage our fellow grads to get together and support each others in the life's difficult path!

For that end, we decided to hold events among our fellow grads in the biggest cities in Turkey such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Izmit, etc and abroad and we are committed to stay independent from the influence of any political and religious groups, parties, etc.

In addition to all of these, we embrace all those from all the different branches of our community with a great welcome!