Aarad Homer

Orlando, FL

I was born and raised in the country Trinidad and Tobago which is located in the lesser antilles of the Caribbean. I am a very energetic and active individual. I have been involved in many sports including football (soccer), cricket, basketball and my most passionable one, swimming. I also love to gym in which I get a peace of mind from doing.

Currently, I am a student attending Full Sail University striving to obtain my bachelors in Entertainment Business and eventually my masters in Entertainment Business as well. From young my interest in entertainment has always been high and this is mostly due to the world famous Carnival events that are held in my country annually.

In Trinidad, I am involved with many committees that specialize in hosting small and large events and parties. However, my goals are to get involved with major events in the entertainment industry concerning carnival. My other passion is electric dance music (EDM) and the events that concerns them like TomorrowLand and Ultra Music Festival. In the future I hope to accomplish throwing events that have a mixture of both carnival and EDM entertainment to the publics of Trinidad and Tobago. With hard work and my driving passion for the entertainment industry I shall accomplish these objectives.

  • Education
    • Full Sail University